I'm currently a Senior UX/UI Designer at Pulse Energy (a division of Yardi Systems).

For the past six years, I have helped guide the design of multiple web-based SaaS solutions that monitor, report on, and help conserve energy in over 1 million commercial and institutional buildings all over the world.

I'm passionate about maintaining a close relationship between design and code.

To varying degrees, I'm familiar with:

  • Design systems & pattern libraries
  • Information architecture
  • User story mapping and activity diagrams
  • Use case, workflow, and wireframe design
  • User interface design
  • Responsive & adaptive layouts
  • Scalable CSS/SCSS/LESS architecture, BEM methodology
  • HTML/PUG (and other terse markup languages)
  • Typography and print design
  • White-labeled software & branding/theming architectures
  • Source control (Git/SVN)
  • Agile development and SCRUM methodology
  • Rapid prototyping

Find me on LinkedIn and GitHub.