SOURCE reseller portal

SOURCE reseller portal

SMART's reseller portal, SOURCE, had become outdated and unwieldy, with thousands of users trying to access thousands of online resources that were being added by disparate groups within the company. The portal had become bloated and difficult to use, and CSRs were having to field more calls as a result of dealers and distributors not being able to find timely, accurate information in the portal.

As Information Architect and Lead Designer on the project, my role was to re-assess the structure of the portal, sifting through thousands of digital resources, identifying outdated and irrelevant content, and redesigning the interface. I worked directly with various departments in the company to develop effective and scalable strategies for getting the right content in front of users.

Over the course of 10 eight months, the entire content inventory was audited, IA was scrapped and rebuilt, a new site map was created, new content was added, and the portal was integrated with the SSO used by SMART's newly-built customer-facing portal, which was built on a Sitecore platform.

Date: 2010-2011
Client: SMART Technologies
Role: Information Architect & Lead Designer