Energy Manager

Energy Manager

Energy Manager is Pulse's flagship energy management portal,  primarily targeted at large commercial customers and energy managers.

As creative lead, I oversaw the workflow, interaction and interface design. As this was a product for expert users, functionality was extensive and included:

  • Ability for users to manage large portfolios (100s of buildings)
  • Allowing users to create their own savings goals and custom actions
  • Sending informational alerts that help users to not only be aware of, but to investigate issues
  • Provide mechanisms to easily manipulate the data e.g. display different units, cost, CO2; create quick comparisons of time and spaces
  • Measurement and verification of savings
Date: 2014-2016
Client: Pulse Energy
Role: Art Director, HTML/CSS Developer

Each instance of the application had to be configured to comply with the customer's brand guidelines—from typefaces and colors to overall look and feel.

Dashboard provides a snapshot of the site/portfolio.

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A Help Mode guided customers through their first interactions with the app.