Energy Check

Energy Check

Energy Check is an energy information portal designed for Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) utility customers.

It displays historical consumption, cost, and emissions and forecasts future energy use. It also analyzes consumption patterns and provides timely alerts when abnormal patterns are observed. Personalized recommendations are provided with savings, costs, and payback periods all tailored to the business in question.

The Energy Check portal has been provided to hundreds of thousands of SMEs, and over 1.5 million Energy Check Reports have been delivered.

As the Creative Lead on the Energy Check product, my role was to help define the information architecture and layout of the portal.

Date: 2012-2016
Client: Pulse Energy
Role: Creative Lead

The Energy Check dashboard offers a summary of the customer's building/portfolio.

Personalized energy conservation measures (ECMs) are recommended based on that customer's energy use patterns. Savings, cost, and payback projections help customers decide where to focus their conservation efforts.

Tariff optimization allows for electricity cost projections based on various eligible tariffs. If customers would fare better on a different tariff, a notification system automatically sent an email with details.

Customers can view their historical energy use across multiple time intervals: by cost, kWh, or CO2 emissions.

Custom calendar pickers were created to support the many ways customers may want to filter their consumption data.